Trisha PhaklidesTrisha Phaklides has been on the forefront of revolutionizing the practice of acupuncture. She graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in Oriental Medicine in July 2003 and has been in practice since then. She has performed over 48,000 treatments so far in her career.

She is the first Acupuncturist to create a franchise model to allow more people to heal naturally. The drug-free approach can eliminate pain without dangerous chemicals. She is a true believer that the body heals itself and should be allowed to do so.

She is the author of ‘We Dream in Chinese’ and has done extensive research in the area of dreaming. Essentially, “your dreams are symptoms of a malfunction within your body,” according to Trisha.

She has a thorough background in Chinese Nutrition and helps many people correct their diets, gradually to achieve optimal results for whatever goal the patient has. She has also been a Personal Fitness Trainer and a former owner of a health club. She understands that proper body mechanics is crucial to the body’s alignment and free-flow of blood and energy.

Trisha knows that all aspects of health care need to be addressed. This is why the HOLISTIC approach to health is the best. She says, “I have not been to a western trained doctor in over 20 years because every time I have gone, they try to give me drugs.” “I am not interested in drugs, only healing.”